Gastro workshops

In a professional culinary studio, yet in a relaxed and creative domestic atmosphere, awaken a master in you and surrender to a new culinary adventure! Our workshops are delicious, fragrant and full of laughter, as well as educational and useful. Whether you are a novice or an expert, let’s share a common passion for continental cuisine and local, almost forgotten recipes!

The base of our workshops is to return to tradition and customs of our ancestors, who, from simple combinations of ingredients and with a lot of love, used to prepare food, which delight us with their taste over and over again, and whose ways of preparing food are prized and rare knowledge today.

Number of participants: mimimum 3 – maximum 8

Duration: depending on the selected programme, from 2 hours to 4 days.


  1. Traditional dough – noodles (for soup, wide), bread, pogacha, štrukli
  2. Spoon dishes – sarma, filled peppers, barley porridge, stew à la Jaškovo
  3. Desserts – strudel, gibanica, roščići (horns), buhtle (sweet rolls), salenjak (pastry made from lard)
  4. Winter pickles – jams, pickled cucumbers, pickled peppers
  5. Kolinje – meat processing, preparation of sausages (the programme takes places in November and December with a limited number of participants)

Programmes depend on seasons or availability of ingredients.