Spit roasted lamb

janjetinaThe uniqueness of the restaurant is the tradition of the transport of live lambs from the islands of Pag and Krk and preparation on a spit over dried beech wood immediately before serving. The meat processing, in a completely modernized slaughterhouse rated category 1 as per European Union Commission for its compliance with the highest hygienic and operative standards, has been incorporated in the traditional meat processing.

janjetinaThe owner, Ivan Žganjer, personally takes each lamb and transports it on a truck from the island of Pag or Krk, depending on the season. Lamb is purchased from small family farms, families that he has known for over 25 years, so he knows how these animals are fed and treated, which is very important to us. Already at the end of the year, before Christmas, we are among the first in Croatia to offer young lamb from the island of Pag.

Specialty: spit roasted lamb and pig suckling from the island, are ready to be served and for delivery in 170km radius. If you wish to make your event special, and to serve to your guests lamb or pig suckling from the spit, thanks to our unique mobile spit grills, we are able to prepare food at the location of your choice, whether it is in neighbouring regions or countries.