Gastro principles

gastronomijaThe Restaurant Žganjer is a combination of tradition and modern trends and we use the best from both segments, meeting the standards and complying with the highest gastronomic principles in technology, storage, hygienic standards, preparation and food serving. The tradition is reflected in nurturing old traditions; strudel dough is worked over the whole tabletop, bazlamača is made from corn flour ground at a local mill. Cakes, bread and pogacha, sausages, they are all made following the old family recipes.

gastronomijaTHE ORIGIN OF FOOD
When preparing food, the stress is on fresh ingredients of domestic origin, from local producers, whereas more food is grown on our estate.

Every year, the percentage of healthy domestic food in the world is getting smaller, whereas in our restaurant it is growing and more effort and time invested so that we can serve to our guests food of special quality, food that cannot be found on store shelves. And beacause of that, many of our guests are taken back to their childhood by the aroma, taste and look of our specialties

The reason veal and meat in general have a special taste at Žganjer’s, besides being purchased from local producers, the meat is also processed at our own slaughterhouse rated category 1 as per EU Commission and this is the way we prepare for you meat of special freshness and quality. We also offer services of processing, roasting and cutting of lamb and pig sucklings.

We prepare for you the best the nature offers in a particular part of a year! Cold winters are easier with homemade čvarci and pogachice made from čvarci, mutton with cabbage, sarma, roast homemade blood sausages and raw pork sausages with sauerkraut, roast leg of pork (buncek), ducks and turkeys with mlinci, sarma, Ozalj noodles with porcini mushrooms, doughnuts. The richness of autumn fruits can be tasted in pumpkin and porcini mushroom soup, Ozalj noodles with porcini mushrooms, barley porridge with corn, beefsteak with porcini mushrooms, grape strudel, chestnut cake… We salute the Sun with our crispy strawberry strudel, cottage cheese and strawberry cake…

Despite the fact that our food is of controlled origin, there is an ever growing number of those who, for medical and other reasons, have to avoid certain ingredients, and for that reason, and with a lot of attention, we also prepare food without milk, eggs, sugar and with gluten free flour…


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