History and tradition

…From a country inn in 1974, to a widely known and favourite restaurant…

In the 1940s, the family Žganjer started engaging in crafts and trade – production and sale of wine, providing services of land farming and grass cutting in meadows, butchery services, coach transport services for newlyweds, services of roasting, cutting and sale of roast lamb and suckling pigs in the surrounding area, which, at that time, included the country border area with Slovenia (Metlika, Novo Mesto). The first restaurant buffet Lovcu (eng. to the Hunter’s) was opened in 1974 by Ivan Žganjer, who, in 1990, together with his wife Marina redecorated it, changed its name and it officially became the Restaurant Žganjer, to the delight of many visitors.

tradicijaOn their long journey, the family and their generations successfully travel through time, not only by adjusting to specific requirements of a particular time, but also by expanding their offer in accordance with current trends, by creating new, own products and unique principles. In addition to the knowledge and quality, the love for guests and hospitality is crucial for a long-standing successful business and can be felt in every detail.

tradicijaCORE VALUES – one of the Restaurant’s core values is the fact that our core restaurant team has employed more than 10, 15 people for up to twenty years. That value is reflected in a positive business climate, harmony in business operations, and above all in a friendly, almost family relationship, not only among the employees and the owner’s family, but also in the guest-employee relationship.

MORE THAN A GUEST – Many guests have become friends of the restaurant and the family Žganjer and we socialize with many of them even outside the restaurant! Many guests have been coming to us for decades, generations of the same families celebrate their most important moments in their lives in our restaurants – baptisms, confirmations, graduations, weddings, wedding anniversaries, birthdays and some not so happy moments…and this is the trust that motivates us to constantly improve!


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